Origin Story

Jim’s passion for business began as a young boy.

The son of a carpenter, Jim remembers spending late-nights with his dad reviewing pricing estimates, drawings for the job, and detailed plans of how the work would be completed. As a young teenager, Jim found himself on jobsites all around South Jersey learning how to work hard, hustle, and provide quality service. Years later, Jim married into an amazing family who was supported by the owner of an auto repair shop in North Jersey. These experiences set the foundation for empathy towards small business owners who sacrifice personal gain for the needs of the business, take on tremendous risk, and employ hard working individuals.

After graduating from Rowan University in 2012, Jim advanced through multiple companies of various sizes and complexities: From a small boutique manufacturer producing highly customized parts and equipment for the US Department of Defense, to a global manufacturer producing nearly $1 billion dollars of top-line revenue in various sectors across the world. Jim experienced a unique professional journey in which he has held positions such as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance, each of which exposed him to financing efforts up to $100 million dollars, mergers and acquisitions, multi-year strategic planning, and leading through transformative growth.

While working as a full-time finance executive, Jim continuously found himself attracting small business owners for help related to QuickBooks, cash flow, financing, budgeting, and other finance-related hot topics. As he observed the obvious need for financial management in his long-loved world of small businesses, and that merged with his deep-rooted desire for entrepreneurship, Jim launched Backbone CFO in January of 2020.

Jim founded Backbone CFO out of the passion to serve business owners and CEOs who are seeking to accelerate business growth.

Jim’s desire is to provide a true business partner to the small businesses who make up the backbone of the economy. He is a beneficiary of thriving small businesses and knows firsthand that when small businesses grow, they produce an abundance of blessing for their customers, suppliers, employees, and owners.

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