Small Business Budgeting Solutions

Small Business Budgeting Solutions

Research shows that 60% of small business do not have a financial budget. Research also shows that 61% of small business owners regularly struggle with cash flow issues(1). Business operations require business owners to make complex decisions like collecting receivables, paying vendors, and paying employees. Moreover, business growth can require buying land and buildings, hiring additional staff, upgrading equipment, implementing new software, or paying off debt.
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Backbone CFO’s small business budgeting services help your business to think strategically about revenue generation and to develop a cost-consciousness that delivers clear benefits such as freed up resources and cost reduction. This budgeting enables you to be in the driver’s seat in determining the necessity of every cost and empowers you to make sustainable decisions in how your business consumes financial resources.

Backbone CFO will help you operate effectively by creating and implementing a financial budget for your small business. We will evaluate and plan, at least, the following components:

  1. Sales / Revenue
  2. Production (manufacturing, construction, operations)
  3. Indirect Costs (overhead, selling, general & administration)
  4. Personnel
  5. Debt Service
  6. Capital Expenditures (investments)
  7. Cash Flow

1 – 2019 QuickBooks State of small Business Cash Flow Survey

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